Thursday, September 16, 2010

true love!

there are 2 ladies that will plan your wedding. in italy.
(i just died.)

sooo i'm getting married in italy. i hope my fiance (whoever he ends up being) is cool with that. to say i'm obsessed with clara and eva at chic weddings in italy is an understatement.

a gondola ride after your reception?? sure! having your ceremony in an old palace surrounded by italian frescos?? absolutely! roaming an italian winery at your rehearsal dinner?? why not! these ladies know how to meet the needs of a niche market - talk about genius! the food alone would be worth the cost of a destination wedding.

seriously, go check out their website. there are a million more pictures that are sure to make you drool. i'm currently cleaning it up off my desk.

:: xoxoxoxoxo ::

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