Friday, October 1, 2010

houston, we have lift off!

TODAY WAS THE BIG DAY! We have officially launched our new website here at Metro Fire Apparatus Specialists, Inc. where I work as the Director of Marketing and Design. This took longer to birth than a baby, so you can imagine our excitement! (And as a big thank you to the Texas fire service we're giving away $125,000 worth of goodies!)

Hello beautiful, chromey homepage... so nice to see you live!

One of my favorite features - our Territory Manager Map

this may have gone out in a company-wide email
titled: look what we did on our LAUNCH hour
(and yes, that's a firetruck)

We owe a big thank you firstly to our CEO, Craig Russell, who was the vision behind the whole project. Also Jim Minton, our manager over marketing, who helped to keep things moving forward... Andy King who helped but complained the whole way thru anyway... the company behind the design and coding magic, Venveo.... and lastly my partner in crime, my frien-emy, and fellow "kid" in the nursery/brother from another motha, Kelton Hogan. Great job buddy! We did it! Here's to hoping this website generates a lot of sales to make up for all we spent :)

:: xoxoxoxoxoxoxo & firetrucks ::

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