Thursday, October 21, 2010

they're no truffle at all...

did you know you can make your own truffles?!?

well now you know. and it's beyond easy... only 2 ingredients! it's equal parts dark chocolate and heavy whipping cream. just temper it on the stove to melt the two together until glossy, pop in the fridge and then form the ganache into bite-size pieces and refrigerate again. then ta-da, truffles!

i rolled my truffles in pecans, caramel sauce and hot chocolate mix (because i couldn't find my cocoa powder haha). the possibilities are truly endless though! i had been wanting to try out this recipe since i saw it on food network, but my CEO's birthday was the perfect opportunity - he loved them!

my milk also loved them considering it took a nose-dive right onto their pan while in the fridge - apparently he was jealous. maybe i should get him some ovaltine...

:: xoxo ::

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