Monday, January 10, 2011

the monday hum

who couldn't use a little pep in their monday? well this is the first of a weekly installment i think i'll call the monday hum... cause i get to make the rules here :) so look forward to little bits of encouragement and some good tunes to get your week started off on a positive note!

:: xoxo ::


  1. I dig it. And I'm looking forward to future installments. Have a great Monday, Ann Michele!

  2. thanks rob! i'll probably be stealing some music ideas from you soon... so no pressure. just keeping finding awesome stuff : ) have a great week!

  3. Looks good dude. My new goal in life is to make something pretty enough to get on your blog. Haha.

  4. Ann Michele, that's a promise. Just keep checking out the blog. :)

  5. jojo, send me some of your stuff-seriously! but you saying "pretty" just seems wrong so none of that haha

    rob, will do! keep rockin!


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