Monday, January 3, 2011

our holiday table

at the king house, our holidays revolve around good food. we cook. we give food-related gifts. we eat. we live by the family recipes. and then we eat some more... our tummies even jiggle when we laugh like bowls full of jelly.

tiny salt & pepper shaker-adorable!

amish jams & jellies... these gifts are best shared!

my studly sister, the chef-ette

chop chop!

no big, just mom's homemade bread and amish butter. i just died.

traditional swedish breakfast of egg gravy & bacon-yum!

johnson family book of swedish recipes & stories

table gifts, another swedish tradition, where you must try
and guess your gift based on a silly poem... my fave!

christmas dinner!! standing rib roast. kale, feta, olive, tomato,
lemon dressing. squash casserole. ridiculous party in my mouth.

:: xoxoxoxoxoxoxo ::

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