Wednesday, January 12, 2011

wishful thinking

i want someone who likes to do the dishes after i've wowed them with my culinary skills. i want someone who doesn't mind me taking a million pictures and will turn the camera around every once in a while. i want someone who won't judge my slight facebook addiction. i want fireworks. i want someone to talk about (my seemingly useless knowledge of) art history with. i want someone who can master my creamer to coffee ratio. i want someone who i can be completely comfortable with even with no makeup on.

my heart is ready.

i'm being emo today and putting it out there - get over it. i just happened to be inspired by a guy who posts these adorable notes to his future wife. i'm so ready for all that and more! in the meantime i'll just keep praying for him since i know he's out there looking for me :)

:: xoxo ::

1 comment:

  1. I say this same prayer on a daily basis, but probably couldn't (and wouldn't) write it about it so eloquently. When you're finally "ready", you know it. And then it kinda sucks because you know it and it feels like it's taking forever. I'm trying to have faith that God has it all worked out. Oh, and I'm a hopeless romantic like you who wants someone who loves me without my makeup, too. :)


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