Tuesday, March 8, 2011

dirty spoons

yesterday after work was very relaxing for me... and by relaxing i mean productive. like five trash bags worth of productive. i know. you're impressed. but wait, there's more! i rediscovered that there is in fact a dishwasher in my kitchen (gasp!), and i remembered how to use it! my need for a clean spoon might have spurred this whole little process, but nevertheless, my motivation crossed over into the realm of mount laundry that has continued to grow in my room like a teenage boy...

my color-coded shoe system was restored to its orderly beginnings. dust mites packed their bags. i actually used my throw pillows and made my bed. and now i hope you're sitting for this one... but i also changed the air filters. ridiculous - i know. all this happened during the commercial breaks of the bachelor, so all in all, i would say it was a pretty smashing success.

for those of you who know my housekeeping habits, this was monumental. normally my approach is a little more carefree like the picture implies, because to me, a clean house is still a boring house. but hey, now i have clean spoons. victory!

:: xoxo ::

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