Wednesday, March 23, 2011

grab your popcorn

a few weeks back, our marketing department had an intense five days of final cut pro training. during the class, that was taught by two great guys from geniusdv, we not only learned how to do video and audio editing but also had hands-on camera training. here's a sneak peek of our shoot (and my fun red hair affectionately known as bridgette)...

no pressure or anything, but we had to make a 30 minute training video... in a week... as our first video... that's a third of a movie. we're kind of a big deal.

but it's been a great creative challenge to push myself outside of my normal medium. i'm so grateful to have a boss who is always chasing innovation. metro fire is soon to have lots of cool videos on the way for sure! (i'm currently working on a fun little diddy in motion, so i'll keep ya'll updated!)

:: xoxo ::

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  1. daaaaang, no photo credit? ouch. I should charge you next time ;)


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