Wednesday, April 13, 2011

all that glitters is gold

everyone needs more glitter in their life! sparkly, golden brilliance is the way to go for sure. have i ever mentioned that i was a sorority girl?? kind of explains my slight obsession... gotta gotta go a-phi!

:: xoxo ::


  1. haha, I am definitely thinking that my glitter obsession got much worse when I joined a sorority! I made countless posters with elmers glue and glitter!

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls

  2. I am harbouring a slight glitter obsession and therefore this post definitely brought me some of your daily sunshine :) In the market the other day I spotted some yellow roses (real ones) with glitter-covered tips, so sweet!

  3. lexi, that's so true for me too! our sorority won our homecoming competition one year because we used so much of the stuff haha we made sweatshirts that said "homecoming champs: you wish you thought of glitter" haha we, of course, then bedazzled the already glittery screenprint :)

    inspirenordic, those yellow roses sound amazing! i hope you took some pictures :)


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