Friday, April 1, 2011

the richness of family

the amount of poverty in this world overwhelms me especially when i start to count all of my own blessings that i too often take for granted. i think the Lord puts a certain aching in all of our hearts to help those who are orphaned or homeless or don't have clean water to drink or even the wealthy who are poor in spirit.

yesterday i read about the story of the alexander family and their adoption of abe from ethiopia. to say that their story of diligence had me in tears is an understatement. it was like ugly cry at work, not pretty. their hearts for mission and service though truly show the richness of family.

this sweet boy was born with brain damage after having several strokes in his mother's womb, which made doctors assume he would not be able to walk or talk or feed himself. he is making wonderful strides though! please please please go read more here about his adoption and watch the video of his infectious laughter :) you are sure to see the brightness of the Lord in his smile!

:: xoxo ::

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