Friday, December 23, 2011

my triumphant return!

oh, how i've missed you! you have no idea, just my type. this may seem like a love letter to my blog, but it's with great joy that i reunite with my creative go-to after 6 months. there have been lots of things going on in my little world that i'll update you on soon, but i also took some time to give this place a little sprucing up.

i hope ya'll like the new design, but know that making this pretty isn't the only thing changing' around here... you should expect to see new content (as categorized on the left), more about yours truly, and, of course, a continuation of great inspiration for a well-styled life that's just my type!

in the spirit of starting fresh, let's play a fun little game of 20 questions to get reacquainted... i'll go first, but feel free to comment or blog back with your answers! ps-a big thank you to one of my best friends and roommate, christi minter, for the great photo!

1. what's the wallpaper on your cellphone?
    my sister and i holding up mustaches, making funny faces

2. grilled or fried?
    fried all the way, baby!

3. what was the best thing before sliced bread?
    glitter... it makes everything better

4. when is your favorite part of the day?
    definitely night time when everyone's asleep & my creative juices are flowing

5. what is your favorite cheese?
    either garlic and herb boursin or goat cheese

6. have you ever been arrested?
    would i tell you if i had? umm, no.

7. what is your guilty pleasure disney movie?
    i may be in love with aladdin and all of its songs

8. why can't women put on mascara with their mouths closed?
    one must look ridiculous in the process of looking less ridiculous :)

9. what book are you currently reading?
    a book about 4 best friends with a wedding planning business, vision in white

10. aisle seat or window seat?
     window seat for sure! better views!

11. what's the worst punishment you received as a child?
     sitting on the couch next to my sister and having to hold hands

12. what is your middle name?
     i get this question a lot actually, and it's 'michele' but i go by both names

13. do you really know all the words to the national anthem?
     i think so, but i tend to make up words to songs, so who knows?

14. which store would you chose to max out your credit card?

15. camping or hotel?
     camping though i haven't gotten to in a long time!

16. do you have any tattoos?
     nope... you're talking to a preacher's daughter here.

17. what's your favorite season?
     football season, hands down.

18. what do you never leave the house without?

19. mac or pc?
     i'm a mac girl

20. what is most important in life?
     my relationship with Jesus and trying to shine His light everyday :)

:: xoxo ::

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  1. So, so glad you're back in the blogosphere! Amen!


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