Saturday, March 31, 2012

big red

my first big purchase out of college was a comfy red, suede-like sectional that instantly became my favorite place to lounge, eat, play on my mac, you name it... but now i'm wanting to restyle it with maybe an accent wall or new accessories. what do you think of these choices??

 a blush wall always adds a nice feminine touch...

 turquoise and red is my new favorite color palette though!

 teal brings a certain warmth to the red...

 animal print is also a fun way to add some sass...

or i could go with vintage pillows for a homey feel

help! what are your suggestions on how to update big red and bring new life to my living room?? it's definitely the focal point of the room (hello, it's firetruck red! haha) so it sets the tone of our living space. i'd love to hear your feedback!

:: xoxo ::

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  1. Hey :)

    I was just thinking as I saw this post, how lovely the top picture with the red looks next to your turquoise background. However, the top picture is my favourite! I love the pictures in the one with animal print - it looks so pretty when there is a group of picture frames on the wall!


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