Friday, March 2, 2012

fix your gaze

last night i lost a sweet young man that i had dated for a year to complications due to his recent diagnosis of leukemia. literally four days ago he was a healthy guy bee-bopping around and loving life, and within the blink of an eye he had a brain hemorrhage that put him into a coma.

yes my heart is broken, but i'm also at peace knowing that the Lord took him to be home with him because sam's work was done here on earth. this verse was just a friendly reminder that our life's purpose is to continue the Lord's work with our gaze constantly fixed on him as we move forward. i know i still have work to do, so my prayer is that i don't swerve but rather keep my focus on those things that matter, not things that are of this world. i hope you're uplifted by the thought of continuing to do the same in your purpose-driven life! :)

:: xoxo ::

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