Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a 'jab' well done

This last week I was in Tulsa at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America having my usual medical spa weekend (ha!), but during this visit, I got to try acupuncture for the first time. Strange experience to let hair-sized needles be stabbed into you willingly... but who can argue with an ancient Chinese tradition dating back to the Stone Age??! Not me.

My doctor decided it would be best to first focus on my digestive issues since 6 1/2 years of solid chemotherapy treatments will take a toll on your body. Yes, my intestines do hate me. (I knew you were wondering) But the acupuncture has helped!! I've seen results just after one session-that's just crazy talk.

I hope you get my point here... try it. If you have something that's been ailing you, try acupuncture! It's natural. It doesn't hurt. Even Gumby swears by it.

:: xoxo ::

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