Thursday, October 14, 2010

meals on wheels

  • traveling chef, check!
  • new recipe to try out, check!
  • med school friends in need of a home-cooked meal because they can't leave their apartment during exams except for red bull, check plus!

melissa, one of my best friends that i've known since junior high is at med school here in houston, and i don't get to see her a whole lot since her cute little blonde head always has to be in the books. so i decided i would just come to her instead!

she and i love good fancy froo-froo food, so i decided she and her boyfriend would be the perfect people to try out a new recipe on. that baked egg recipe that i posted earlier this week turned out to be pretty darn good! we had a fabulous time, of course, and it was great getting to see good friends. take your meals on wheels sometime! it's super fun :)

:: xoxo ::

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