Friday, November 5, 2010

self portrait

"the most difficult thing for me is a portrait. you have
to try and put your camera between the skin of
a person and his shirt." -henri cartier-bresson

have you ever tried to translate your identity to a piece of paper? i decided to challenge myself after seeing the work of florian nicolle and began working on this self portrait.

due to the fact that i love any kind of typography, i knew i wanted to include a verse that had been influential for me (philippians 4:8-13). also i wanted to explore the idea of how make-up becomes our everyday paint that influences how we and others view ourselves. there's a certain feminine quality that comes through as well that's dainty yet messy. love!!

ok, i'll stop being artsy fartsy, but one last thing, my favorite thing is totally the eyes. and i think i was pretty successful in making it look like me. do you agree? designer turned painter?? maybe. but only if you consider brushes in photoshop "painting" haha

:: xoxoxoxoxoxo ::

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