Monday, June 27, 2011

i'm back!

My Two-Month Slow Down
...and all the fun you missed!

1. Faced a nasty break up. ok, it was just my doctors in Tulsa breaking up with me because i'm too high maintenance. but still i had to crank some john mayer.

2. On a break from work to focus on my health. blessings abound!

3. Got a third nipple. it's really just a port, but my sister dubbed it otherwise. got ya though!

4. Joined the MD Anderson fan club. i've been doing new chemotherapy and radiation treatments to get all these crazy partying cancer cells under control. rude.

5. Moved into a fabulous new apartment with my graphic design twin. don't you worry, lots of fun new pictures are coming!

6. Got to play bridesmaid-scratching the wedding itch! have i mentioned i've got some great new material to share?

7. Realized a lot. God's joy, my priorities, and my love for family.

8. Finished a book. go buy "same kind of different as me" right now.

9. Acquired a certain golf cart. with flames and off roading tires.

10. Been falling into a certain someone pretty hard :)

Now that you're officially caught up, let's get back on the 'just my type' train!

:: xoxo ::

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